Freddys Return Village Escape

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About Freddys Return Village Escape

Do not be afraid of the monster Freddys Return Village Escape; instead, immerse yourself in this three-dimensional game completely. Participate in the escape mode to become acquainted with the surrounding environment.

How to play


Throughout New Year's Eve, you will find yourself in a fascinating city that has been forgotten, and snow will make it tough for you to escape. You should investigate the entire map to escape from that location and maintain your life for as long as possible. 

You will be mercilessly pursued and attacked by Freddy and his snowman henchmen in the second game mode; however, you can carry weapons with you to assist you in dispatching them.


Controls Guide

Look with your mouse. Use W A S D to walk, Left Shift to run, C to crouch, Space + Move Side to jump, F to interact/hide, T to unhide, and G to drop an item.

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