FNAF Burger

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About FNAF Burger

When playing FNAF Burger, you will be able to select spooky ingredients from a certain region that has an industrial feel. In each of them, the conventional components of a burger are given a terrifying twist.

How to play

You will be able to slice, grind, & put together patties like a pro, each with a touch of that famous Five Nights at Freddy's style, thanks to the many degrees of burger-building chaos that are available to you.

To begin, we have to work on getting the molds for the burgers that we are going to be manufacturing ready. Carry out the instructions and complete the first task as swiftly as possible. To bake a bun that is both beautiful and delicious, let us get the ingredients for the dough ready and then follow the well-known recipe that Fazbir has developed.

Let us begin preparing a delectable indulgence for the robots, as soon as it is ready. Humans are unable to consume any of the elements, yet animatronics consume them all as if they were nothing. Ensure that the Hamburger is served in the manner depicted in the photo.


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