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About FNAF Bartender

The Machine-Oil-Blend-Game FNAF Bartender is an enjoyable pastime. Appear as a courageous waitress, but beware: This establishment is not your average bar. Assuming the role of a daring bartender, it will be your responsibility to create the ideal cocktails for each of your discerning patrons! However, look out! Destroying one's conduct may result in damnation.

How to play

To remove the bottles from the bar shelf, utilize the left mouse button. Press the left mouse button on the various instruments and ingredients that are dispersed throughout the bar, to prepare and serve the beverages. Instead of using a smartphone or tablet to participate, touch the display.

Follow the rinsing process and pour it in. Each drink will elicit a unique response from Freddy; therefore, you must locate and uncover each one. While some will be humorous, others will not; Nonetheless, they are all amusing.


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