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About FNAF Backrooms

Choose to play the terrifying action game known as FNAF Backrooms. Dieses Game is the epitome of what may happen when you combine two other popular games, namely Five Nights at Freddy's and Backrooms.

What is required of you?

In the video game FNAF Backrooms, your objective is to become disoriented inside of a strange mansion. The objective of this task is for you to investigate all of this unusual room. You must also stay away from creepy dolls including Chica, Bonnie, and Freddy, because your life will end if they find you and capture you. The game is played on one of three distinct difficulty levels, and at each level, a new toy will become available.

When confronted by frightening toys, you should move with caution and avoid running too quickly, as doing so will cause you to run out of energy and be unable to escape.
In order to maintain your health and brain acuity, you should consume almond milk and sedatives in moderation at all times.
As you properly investigate each place, you should keep an eye out for hints and clues written in logs and on signs, as you search for a way out.
Make sure you don't lose your flashlight because there is no way to get another one. Instead, put it to use to shed light on the surroundings and lead the way.
You shouldn't believe anything you learn about monstrous toys on the wiki, because the information there might not adhere to the same rules as the ones in the books.


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