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About FNAF 8

FNAF 8 is a fantastic horror video game that has quickly become a cult classic thanks to its amazing gameplay, which adds to the appeal of the game's original collection of mini-games.

The latest installment of the wildly successful game, FNAF 8, features brand-new characters who are a lot of fun to interact with.

How to Play

As in the previous installment, the new guard will be required to spend five nights in a terrifying location with terrifying dolls. These dolls are serene and unruffled during the day, but once night falls, they wake up and are ready to have some fun.

There are 11 new types of monsters and 11 new locations in which to battle them in this game. In addition to that, there is a brand new method for defending yourself from them.


You should make an effort to stay awake until morning and resist the urge to give in to your fear. Both the appearance of the office and the duties of the night guard have undergone some minor alterations in the most recent update to the FNAF 8 video game. Put on a Freddy Krueger mask to convince the robots to back off and leave you alone.


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