Dr. Psycho - Hospital Escape

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About Dr. Psycho - Hospital Escape

You are already extremely familiar with the survival horror game "Five Nights at Freddy's," which served as the inspiration for the game Dr. Psycho - Hospital Escape, which is a survival horror game.

But this one takes place in a hospital that's been cursed by evil spirits, and they're all waiting for you to boldly face and overcome the dangers that lurk here.
Your objective is to escape from the brain institution while avoiding capture by Dr. Psycho and the freaks he has created via his experiments. Locate the necessary items that will allow you to unlock the door.

This is going to be a fantastic journey full of events that are incredibly exciting and will make your heart race. Use your bravery and your brains to get through the obstacles and get out of the hospital as quickly as you can so that you can save yourself.


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