Burger & Frights

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About Burger & Frights

In the short horror game known as Burger & Frights, the player takes control of a bicycle and goes through a dense woodland forest The game was influenced by other video games, such as Rides with Strangers, as well as a particular horror film directed by John Carpenter.

Burger & Frights Overview

For those who want a bite to eat late at night at Burger & Frights, you will have to ride your bike through a terrifying forest to acquire one. Nothing can stop us from eating when we have a Hungerpang. Even if they have to drive through the woods in the middle of the night to get to the closest fast-food restaurant. It was a predicament like this that the main character in Burger and Frights found himself in.

After waking up in the middle of a sleep with an empty stomach, he immediately desired a burger that was served at a high temperature. Then he got up and rode away on his bicycle. However, he did not anticipate that there would be a great deal of horror waiting for him before he arrived home! Have fun with this terrifying experience, and make sure you do not go back home without Burger, even if it means putting your life in danger!


Controls Guide

The game may be controlled with the use of a mouse and a keyboard. When you are playing the game, the controls will be presented.

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